Mega Bloks Kapow Bash vs Nitro Showdown

Mega Bloks
Product SKU: 7MBI-94215

Get ready with Bash vs. Nitro showdown from Mega Bloks Kapow on an epic brawl! Bash and Nitro are two of the most powerful bots entering the arena in which both sides fight for victory in the Kapow! Blok Bots Fighting League! Get ready for Bash's brutal violence. This bumbler with the characteristic, volcanic red building blocks uses the Bruiser Backfist to bang on the body with a calculated series of insane boxing bats. And Nitro, the fierce street fighter, prepares himself in the corner for his fast right-hand thrash, the Radioactive Corkscrew. His massive mohawk and graphic green building blocks make him an unforgettable and worthy opponent.

(You save P1,149.75)

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