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Chicco Natural Feel Teat 0m+ Regular Flow

Product SKU: 7NBI-81011

?h? ???rd?n?t??n b?tw??n ?u?k?ng, ?w?ll?w?ng ?nd br??th?ng ?? th? f?und?t??n f?r ?u?????ful b?b? f??d?ng ?nd d?v?l??m?nt.

?h??? m??h?n??m? ??n b? ?l????f??d ?? d?n?m?? ?r??????? ?? th?? und?rg? ?h?ng?? w?th th? gr?wth ?f th? b?b?.

??b??? ?u?k fr?m br???t ?r ????f??r ?n d?ff?r?nt w???, ????rd?ng t? th??r ?g?.

?f th? b?b? f??d? fr?m ? b?ttl?, ?t ?? ?m??rt?nt th?t th? ????f??r r????nd? t? ?t? ?????f?? n??d?, ??n???t?nt w?th th? ????t d?v?l??m?nt?l ?h???, ?nd d??? n?t ?nt?rf?r? w?th th? ?h????l?g???l fun?t??n ?f ?u?k?ng ?nd ?w?ll?w?ng.

?h? t??t ?h?uld b? ?h???n ????rd?ng t? th? b?b?'? ?g? ?nd ?t? ?u?k?ng ????b?l?t???.




• ??l???n? t??t;

• ?u?t?bl? f?r b?b??? fr?m 0+ m?nth?.

• 1 dr??.

• L?ng?r t??t th?t ?u???rt? n?tur?l ?u?k?ng m?v?m?nt?.

• ?nt?rn?l v?rt???l furr?w? - th? b?b? nur??? ????l? w?th?ut th? t??t ?n????ng ??m?l?t?l?.

• Fl???r? ?n th? b??? th?t ?r?v?d? th? fl???b?l?t? ?nd ?l??t???t? ?f th? t??t b? r??r??t?ng m?v?m?nt dur?ng br???tf??d?ng.

?h? k?t ?n?lud?? 1 ??. ????f??r.


Subject to availability. Colours and styles may vary. If you have a preference please note it in the order comments.

(You save P65.75)

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